Registering for 2019 Marching Band

As you know, there isn’t a “Marching Band” class to register your student in. So I can plan accordingly for show design purposes, I need to know if your student plans to participate in the 2019 Marching Band season.

Participation in Marching Band is not mandatory for all O’Connor band students. Your child can participate in the concert band but NOT be part of the Marching Band.

However… Marching Band is the largest social group of ANY band program, and from my 10+ years of teaching high school band and DCI, Marching Band is the MOST FUN part of a high school band program. I want your child to graduate from O’Connor with fond memories of their band years. 

Yes. Marching Band requires an extra commitment, financially, physically and emotionally. 
Marching Band provides structure, teaches students time management, teaches students healthy leadership skills, healthy communication skills, and provides a built-in support system of 180+ peers throughout your students high school career. 

I want your child to benefit from this special part of our O’Connor program

If you are a current freshmen, sophomore or junior student and/or parent… Please follow the link below to submit a registration form for your student. 

Click this to register for marching band