Dear Parents,

Before we get to the winter break, i wanted to let you know that the band program is doing some donation fundraising. I know you have given a lot in the past and now i want to nudge you to get your family and friends involved in this amazing band program.

Donation and fundraising is not mandatory, just helpful

Today we kicked off a donation fund raiser and I wanted to give you some info (plus other ways to donate)

CLICK HERE (you can donate and share from here – it is very slick)

All of the ways to donate
1. Snap Raise (team building and social media)
2. Donate direct (100% to the band)
3. Tax Credit (get your money back and 100% to the band)


When I stepped in to help the program, it became very apparent that we have some glaring needs for the students.

  • Music Stands – we are on the schools original set
  • Clinicians – people that we can bring in to help work the bands/orchestras
  • Music – with several jazz, concert, and orchestra groups, we just don’t have enough
  • Clarinet Choir, Sax Choir, Flute Choir…ahhh
  • Equipment – No band program will ever have enough – band, guard, percussion
  • Classroom – Sticks, mouthpieces of a professional quality

Above represents the current needs of the program that we could provide with a some funds.


We have three current ways to donate to the program

SNAP – RAISE ( a professional social media and group activity. % fee, but incredible results)
Team Building
Courses separated into teams
You can send via text, email, or social media platform.
Pro – Incredible use of social media
Con – some fees apply,

For these two – visit
(if you get an secure site error, simply click on the advanced tab) Chrome browser does not like this site. Use Firefox, Safari or Edge (Internet Explorer).

FLAT DONATION (Dollar for Dollar)
Great for non-AZ residents
You must login
No Social Media Boost
You must send this for people to have access
Not as easy to navigate as others, but is 100% donation (select guest – select O’Connor – select band)

TAX CREDIT (Don’t use if you use this for band fees or trips)
(Dollar for Dollar with 100% of your monies coming back on your AZ state taxes)
AZ tax filing residents only
$200 per person/$400 per married couple
No Social Media Boost
Select O’Connor and Band Tax Credit