SDOHS Band Camp

Band Camp Checklist

Band Camp is typically one of your first big experiences in marching band and certainly one of the most memorable. For new members of the band it is certainly a daunting experience and an extremely important one as it is your first impression of being in the band and what that means.

Mrs. Britton has crafted the SDOHS Band Camp experience over the years into one that is both awesome and grueling and translates into an unforgettable time that many find life changing. Discovering that you immediately have a hundred plus friends that truly care about you regardless of how old you are or what grade you are in. Finding out that hardwork and perseverance have an immediate reward when you hear the first sounds of an actual song coming from the band. Learning that competition and camaraderie can simultaneously exist between sections and that everyone is made better because of it.

These are just a few of the amazing things you will experience during your 4 days at band camp in the beautiful Prescott retreat.

Day to Day at Band Camp

  • Thursday

    Arrive and get settled into cabins. Make lanyards in cafeteria. Smores, class questions, and senior moments can last until 2am!

  • Friday

    Breakfast then out on the field in sections for rehearsal. Possible craft time. Dance night!

  • Saturday

    Breakfast then dress up parade! More rehearsal. Lock down night.

  • Sunday

    Breakfast then rehearsal on the field. Parents are invited. Olympics start right after lunch! Water balloon fight follows. Senior moment with Mrs. Britton and goodbyes.

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