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Thanks for the clean out

There is a classroom in all that stuff!  And a bunch of volunteers came in during the weekend and cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more.  What did they clean out?  What DIDN”T they clean out is a better question.  A big thank you to:
Scott Benjamin, Derek Szostak, Eric Lander, Jason Rodems, Guy Dinsmore, Rob McCormick, Tracy Benjamin, Sarah Szostak, Jennifer Rodems, Jamie Wiber, Terri Lander, Wendy Dinsmore, and Brian Fike. If we left off a name or two get them to me so they get the thanks also.

Clarinet Choir started Monday, December 10 with Mr. Brian Fike.

O’Connor Marching Band

Lauren and Kaelen
Lauren and Kaelen

Every year the SDOHS Drum Majors are asked to write a couple paragraphs about what band means to them and what they would like to tell students considering marching band as a class. Here is what they had to say:
Kaelen Wilber
Lauren Kisicki