Donation time

We have three ways to donate to our band program. What will your donations be used for:

  1. Music Stands – we are on the schools original set
  2. Clinicians – people that we can bring in to help work the bands/orchestras
  3. Music – with several jazz, concert, and orchestra groups, we just don’t have enough
  4. Clarinet Choir, Sax Choir, Flute Choir…ahhh
  5. Equipment – No band program will ever have enough – band, guard, percussion
  6. Classroom – Sticks, mouthpieces of a professional quality

Go to this page for donation information.

O’Connor Marching Band

Lauren and Kaelen
Lauren and Kaelen

Every year the SDOHS Drum Majors are asked to write a couple paragraphs about what band means to them and what they would like to tell students considering marching band as a class. Here is what they had to say:
Kaelen Wilber
Lauren Kisicki